** Ricky has retired from touring **
Effective May 1, 2006

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Facts about Ricky's Career
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Movie Soundtracks, Videos, Acting, TV Specials



Date Product Certified
10/00 Blue Christmas
5/00 Fried Green Tomatoes
1999 16 Biggest Hits
7/97 making plans
1996 Super Hits Vol. 2
1995 Super Hits
11/94 Love and Honor
8/93 A Bridge I Didn't Burn Gold
8/92 Greatest Hits Plus Gold
5/92 Don't Overlook Salvation Platinum
1991  His Very Best Gold (CRIA)
5/91 Backroads Platinum
6/90 RVS III Platinum
12/89 RVS Sings Christmas Gold
9/88 Loving Proof Platinum
2/87 Wild-Eyed Dream Platinum


  • Somebody Lied
  • Don't We All Have The Right
  • Keep It Between The Lines
  • Life Turned Her That Way
  • Rockin' Years (with Dolly Parton)
  • I've Cried My Last Tear For You
  • Living Proof
  • From A Jack To A King
  • I'll Leave This World
  • I Am A Simple Man
  • Statue Of A Fool
  • Backroads
Country Christmas Ricky Van Shelton & Don Schlitz
Christmas Long Ago Ricky Van Shelton & Don Schlitz
I Still Love You Ricky Van Shelton




George Jones Hurts As Much in Texas As It Did In Tennessee
(Song) (1991)  Friends In High Places (album)
Brenda Lee Sweet Memories (1989)
Dolly Parton Rockin' Years (1991)
RVS Backroads (also on Dolly's "Eagle When She Flies")
Marvin Winans If He Dosn't Come Tonight
Winans All Out
Roy Rogers When Payday Rolls Around
A Tribute to Roy Rogers
Steve Brock On Jordan's Bank (1994)
Andy Landis She Stays (1995)
Common Ground
Beach Boys Fun Fun Fun (1996)
Stars & Stripes, Vol I
Background Vocals T.Wynettes's "Slow Burning/Fire"/"Higher Ground") (1997)

Junk Cars (1995) Nascar Running Wide Open
Precious Lord, Take My Hand (1997) Amazing Grace 2
Hillbilly Heart (1989) Next of Kin
If You Got The Money Beverly Hillbillies
Wear My Ring (1992) Honeymoon In Vegas
(To Be Continued....) (1990)  
Baywatch - Western Exposures (1993)
Baywatch - Desperate Encounters (1995)
  • RVS Sings Christmas Special - TNN
  • From Grit To Gold (1989)
  • Celebrities Out Doors (1989)
  • Celebrities Off Stage (1990)
  • Celebrities Off Stage (1993)
  • Life and Times of Ricky Van Shelton (1997)
  • Hats Off to Minnie Pearl: America Honors Minnie Pearl (1992)