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I have received many questions asking about our dear friend Andy Landis.  As you know, she and Bettye co-wrote the book, �She Stays� in 1995.  For those of you who want to learn more about this beautiful, talented, spiritual woman, check out her web site at



To our friends:  We have been receiving many inquiries on how to obtain copies of our book, She Stays.  Unfortunately, the hard cover editions are no longer in print.  Some friends have had luck going to various web sites that sale out-of-print books.  You may want to check out one particular site called www.half.com   Also, we have information that another source is available at duane@americanmadeoil.com

The other good news is that our Publisher, Thomas Nelson Publishing, has informed us that they have set up a paperback edition of She Stays to be printed on-demand whenever a reader requests the book from a bookstore (including online retailers such as Amazon.com).  Because these paperback editions are considered special on-demand printing, the cost is high.  

We hope that this information will help those of you who have not been able to find the book from other sources.  We thank each of you for your wonderful comments and your continued support of our story.                                   

Andy Landis and Bettye Shelton