** Ricky has retired from touring **
Effective May 1, 2006

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The Painter  

Ricky Van has always loved to draw and sing.  His mother, Eloise, remembers when he was about 4 or 5 years old and was sitting on their front porch talking about all the things he was going to have when he was big.  Eloise said, "Son, those things cost money.  How do you think you'll make enough to buy all those things?"  Ricky was very sure of himself, placing his hands on his little hips and looking at her square in the eyes, "Well, I'm going to sing and draw pictures! "He has continued to "sing and draw pictures" ever since. During his high school years, he used to paint a picture a week and sell it for $20. That was his spending money for the week.

In 1985, the town of Altavista featured an art exhibit and invited friends and family in the community to display any Ricky Van Shelton paintings they had available.  Over 40 paintings were exhibited, including landscapes, still life, and portraits.

Ricky enjoys drawing sketches of old homes and/or rustic cabins that he wanders upon during his long walks through the woods.  Four prints of these sketches are available through the fan club.

  "Forgotten", RVS, 1978