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Quacker The Duck

Ricky Van Shelton has captured the hearts of millions of country music fans with his string of five platinum and three gold records. In 1992, he created a duck with a heart of gold. Quacker the Duck is a lovable wide-eyed character who looks at the world with children's books,  entitled Tales From A Duck Named Quacker published through his own company.   Ricky has sold more than 200,000 copies, RVS Books.

What is most intriguing, though, is Shelton's entry into the children's book world through a series of stories. Tales From A Duck Named Quacker -- The Story Begins, Quacker Meets Mrs. Moo and Quacker Meets Canadian Goose offer youngsters little-talked about (at least in children's literature) messages. There is obvious satisfaction and a relaxed sense of wonder in Shelton's voice as he describes how this all came about."I guess some people think it's kind of silly but they were really inspired from God," he explains. "I'm not an author; never thought about writinga kid's book. I was looking out the window of a hotel one day and all of a sudden, it was like, I didn't hear a voice, but this is the way it seemed. It was like 'Sit down and write!" He becomes almost breathless as he continues. "I immediately sat down and grabbed a pencil and I started writing... and all of a sudden it was finished and there was Tales From A Duck Named Quacker..."

It's a delightful little story, beautifully illustrated, with the first in a series of subtle clues to the younger set. You see Quacker is a duck who wags his tail like a dog. Young readers discover through Shelton's rhythm and rhyme that It's okay to be yourself, and when wondering about some-thing that may seem different or strange, or just about anything at all?  Why, just ask! Shelton goes on about this creative process. "I wrote the second one the same way," he says. "And I sat down and tried to write the third one myself and I couldn't do it. I had to wait, 'til it was inspired again, not thinking about it..." He speaks of the "goodness" in the books, and the "values" expressed, rather than morals, "because morals seems to be like a giant issue or something. There's no giant issues in these books..."

(Taken from the article in the Jan/Feb 1995 issue of ART TIMES, written by Ellen Geisel)

 "The books have been very successful, and the book publishers said I couldn't do it," Shelton says. "When I first went to them, they said, it'll take a year and a half to two years to put this out. I kept asking why, and nobody would give me an answer except, 'That's the way it's done.' I told Bettye, 'That's a bunch of garbage.' We had the illustrator illustrate it, and we had the whole package done and in the stores in three months. How'd we do that? Well, we got off out butts and done it."

The charm and appeal of Quacker and his books are their simplicity. Simply drawn, simply told adventures filled with simple messages. Quacker embraces life and friends  with an innocence and enthusiasm that sometimes get hi into trouble but always  teach a valuable lesson. To complement Quacker's positive image, RVS  Books, Inc., has also created a line of merchandise for children and adults to  enjoy as they learn more bout Quacker and his friends. Click here for Quacker's merchandise listing.