** Ricky has retired from touring **
Effective May 1, 2006

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The Ricky Van Shelton Screen Saver

This one of a kind animated screen saver is composed of pictures taken of Ricky during his ascent to and ultimate stardom. These photos come from my
personal collection of photos.  Order yours today.
Faye, RVS Webmaster 

Quote from Bettye Shelton:
        "I want to tell you about the screen saver that Faye sent to us.  It is absolutely fantastic with pictures of Ricky that are out of this world.  There's one shot that Ricky and I saw and had no idea where or when it was taken.  I didn't recognize the area and he couldn't even figure where the shirt came from he had on!  We decided it was a clone. She is unbelievable!!!  A real artist.
Quote from a Fan:

Hi you guys,

Did anyone get your Ricky Van  Screen Saver yet? This is truly a masterpiece!  Don't you just love it?  I sit here watching pictures of Ricky "dance" ever-so-smoothly around my screen. Finally had to just kick back and view our star-studded "one man show" unfold. *Ta-dah*   "Idle" time has just been redefined :o)

For anyone who hasn't gotten yours, it's Ricky's career in kaleidoscope, the 'Ricky' in the middle disintegrates, and slowly unfolds into a different 'Ricky', from another day. Meanwhile, these other 'Ricky's'... from spotlight days, bedazzle around in the background, until it's their turn to take center stage.

These aren't just pictures, they are treasured moments we have shared with Ricky, through all these years. Faye, I will cherish your "Ricky Van Keepsake" forever.

*** Ricky, thank you for providing the ever-so-adorable, nonstop entertainment ***



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